Courtney & Candice Nunn

Careers in caring for others

Courtney and Candice Nunn are identical twin sisters from Springfield who always knew they wanted careers in health care. 

It鈥檚 part of a family tradition. Their father is an LPN, their mother works in social services, one older sister is an RN and another older sister is a registered respiratory therapist. Their younger sister has sickle cell anemia, so they spent a lot of time in the hospital when she was growing up. 鈥淲e were around nurses a lot. We learned from them how to take care of her,鈥 explains Candice. 鈥淲hen we grew up, working in health care seemed like a natural next step. We鈥檇 been around it our whole lives.鈥 

Courtney and Candice Nunn
Photo taken by Kara Slating, Memorial Health photographer

After high school, they spent a year doing mission work. Then they earned their CNA certificates at 绿帽社 and worked in a nursing home for more than 10 years. During COVID, they decided to advance their careers in health care. 

鈥淚n changing jobs, I wanted one that would not only provide for my material needs, but also be interesting, satisfying and rewarding,鈥 explains Courtney. 鈥淎nd I knew 绿帽社 was a step in the right direction to reach this goal.鈥 She came back to 绿帽社 to study radiography where she learned about using X-rays to produce diagnostic images. 鈥淕etting started and going back to school as an adult can feel daunting, but start talking to the instructors. You鈥檒l find they are always there to help and are approachable and accommodating. Once into it, I was much more relaxed.鈥 

Candice was initially also planning on studying radiography. 鈥淲e wanted to be in programs that had the same timeline so we could graduate together. I ended up following my older sister鈥檚 steps in respiratory care. I reached out to the program director to learn more and found out I鈥檇 have a job lined up before graduating. The more I learned, the more it felt right,鈥 she explains. 鈥淚f you show up and try, they will make you a good therapist, and respiratory therapists are needed. I鈥檓 still in contact with my instructors after graduation. You never feel alone, and I really appreciate that.鈥

Courtney is now a radiologic technologist at Springfield Memorial Hospital. She works in diagnostic imaging in outpatient, ER and trauma bay settings. 鈥淚 like the diagnostic side. There were things I didn鈥檛 readily see on the X-rays when starting out as a student, but now it鈥檚 so clear.鈥 

Candice is a respiratory therapist at Springfield Memorial Hospital where she floats between ICU, intermediate care and general floors, assisting physicians in the prevention and treatment of respiratory system diseases and disorders. 鈥淎 lot of people don鈥檛 know this role exists until we鈥檙e needed. We handle a lot of critical situations. As part of the discharge process, we can also help with setting up breathing treatments and oxygen at home.鈥 

鈥淵ou get to help your community and feel that inner reward from helping other people,鈥 says Courtney. 鈥淚 get to help care for people when they鈥檙e most vulnerable,鈥 adds Candice. 鈥淚t鈥檚 life-saving work, and I think one of the most important things you could choose to do in this world.鈥