ATI-TEAS Fact Sheet for Nursing Programs

The ATI TEAS® is an assessment used to effectively identify applicants with the foundational knowledge required for successful entry into nursing programs. Research has shown students with a higher preparedness category (Basic, Proficient, Advanced, and Exemplary) perform better academically in their first semester of nursing courses. For this reason, all students applying to the nursing program must pass the ATI TEAS® with a Basic or higher.

Five steps to ATI TEAS® success

  1. Create an Account with . Using google Chrome, most updated version. 
    • In the Secure Sign On area, click on “Create an account.”
    • When a new screen opens, fill in all the fields. In the “Institution” field, select “Lincoln Land CC ADN". Please also enter your ñ student ID number. You must do this before you can test.
    • Write down your username and password and keep in a safe place. You will not be able to take the ATI TEAS® test without them, and you will use them throughout the nursing program.
    • Click the “Register” button; wait for the progress bar to complete.
  2. Register for the ATI TEAS®. You may obtain the instructions from your nursing success coach. The cost of the test is $107, plus tax, for a total of $116.10 and must be paid for with a credit card online.
  3. Study for the ATI TEAS® test.
    • Read about
  4. On the day of the test, plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to scheduled test time to check in. The test is timed and will take approximately 3.5 hours to complete. Bring the following:
    • Valid photo ID
    • ATI username and password
    • Calculators of any kind are not permitted (they are provided online within the actual exam itself).
  5. After the test, print two copies of the score report: one for your records and one to submit with your application.

Frequently asked questions

What is on the test?

The ATI TEAS® is composed of 170 questions, 20 of which are unscored pretest items. The number of scored questions on which individuals will be evaluated is 150. The total time allotted to complete the test is 209 minutes. There are four components: reading, math, science and English/language usage.

  • Reading, 53 questions, 64 minute time limit
    • Key Ideas and Details
    • Craft & Structure
    • Integration of Knowledge & Ideas
  • Math, 36 questions, 54 minute time limit
    • Numbers & Algebra
    • Measurement & Data
  • Science, 53 questions, 63 minute time limit
    • Human Anatomy & Physiology
    • Life & Physical Sciences
    • Scientific Reasoning
  • English, 28 questions, 28 minute time limit
    • Conventions of Standard
    • English Knowledge of Language
    • Vocabulary Acquisition

What is the question format?

The questions are all multiple choice.

How many times can I attempt the ATI TEAS®?

Students may have one attempt per application cycle.

When can I re‐test?

You may re‐test after a 14-day waiting period and when there is a seat available on a scheduled testing date. The cost to re‐test is $102 plus tax.

Can I use a calculator for the math portion?

The ATI TEAS® test has a calculator within the test itself. Students are not allowed to bring their own calculator.

When will I get my tests results?

Right after the test is completed.

Will ñ accept ATI TEAS® scores taken at another location?

Yes, if scores are current within the last five years.

How long is the ATI TEAS® test score good for?

Five years.


The information provided in this here is intended for informational purposes only and is subject to change without notice. Information may be changed or updated without notice. ATI may also make improvements and/or changes in the products, pricing and/or the programs described in this information at any time without notice.