Taylorville College Now Program

College Now was created for high school juniors and seniors who want to either pursue a career track after high school or plan to transfer to a university.

Over 600 area high school students have earned college credits while they are still in high school. Whether you are a student, parent or guardian, we are delighted you are considering College Now. In these challenging economic times, taking advantage of College Now opportunities close to home makes sense and enrolling at a two-year community college is a smart financial choice.

What is College Now?

Participation in College Now is a great way for students to be challenged in their learning and get a head start on their college education. Students may be pursuing degrees like pre-med, pre-pharmacy, pre-veterinary, pre-law, psychology, nursing, welding and many more. Students preparing to transfer are advised to refer directly to the official catalog of the college or university they plan to attend and meet that institution's requirements and recommendations for a selected area of concentration. Other transfer resources can be found online through . 

College Now classes are held during both the fall and spring semesters at 绿帽社-Taylorville and are available to high school juniors and seniors. The classes are usually Monday-Thursday from 1 to 3 p.m. Students usually enroll in two classes or six to eight credit hours. All tuition, fees and textbook costs are the responsibility of the parent or guardian. Check with your high school to see if they are paying a portion of the tuition.


Students accepted for enrollment in college-level classes must have appropriate academic qualifications, a high level of motivation, and adequate time to devote to studying a college-level class. The students must meet all college criteria and follow all college procedures for enrolling in the classes. Ultimately, students must receive approval from their high school counselor to attend 绿帽社's College Now program. High school counselors usually look for students who will have earned enough credits to graduate, have a good attendance record and no behavioral problems.

Class attendance policy

Students are expected to attend class regularly, and shall notify their instructor(s) when they are unable to attend class. The instructor may establish class attendance as an achievement standard. (Board Policy 4.12)

Because 绿帽社 views student participation as crucial to academic success, a student who has neither participated in a class nor communicated in some other way with the instructor during the first two weeks of class will be administratively withdrawn from such classes for non-attendance. This attendance verification period can be pro-rated for classes meeting over shorter terms. In such cases of administrative withdrawal, students are not entitled to a refund of tuition or fees. Those facing extenuating circumstances may go through the tuition refund appeals process.

It is the student's responsibility to obtain assignments and content missed when a class is not attended. When students are unable to attend class for an extended period, they shall notify the appropriate instructor(s). In cases where it creates an undue hardship on a student to contact all instructors, the director of 绿帽社-Taylorville or designee shall contact his/her instructors. The CNA class has a very strict attendance policy.

In case you are going to miss class due to illness, you must report your absence to your high school as well as Lincoln Land Community College. Your 绿帽社 instructor will let you know their preferred method of contact. College Now students are expected to attend all meetings and will not be excused for extracurricular activities. College Now students must follow 绿帽社's academic calendar.


Instructors establish their own individual course grading systems, evaluation methods, and course policies. These become official letter grades when reported by the instructor at the end of the semester. Letter grades promote meaningful evaluation of student achievement, inform students of academic progress, and assess student's readiness to advance.

It is important to understand that your grades will be generating an official college transcript which will become part of your permanent college record. Your performance in these classes may impact the following at Lincoln Land Community College: future federal financial aid including loans, admission criteria for special college programs, such as the Honors Program and future scholarships. As part of your permanent record, your performance in these classes may also affect your admission/enrollment and scholarship eligibility at other higher education institutions. Withdrawing from classes can have similar implications at 绿帽社 or other higher education institutions.

Tuition and fees

Tuition and fees are based upon 绿帽社's rates. Tuition costs are reviewed each fall semester and are subject to change. Convenient payment plans are available. The CNA program has additional costs. Please refer to the CNA program for updated information.

Class offerings

The following classes are part of the College Now program. Not all courses are offered every semester.

Students and parents or guardians are welcome to make an appointment for success coaching with Dee Krueger. or by calling 217-786-2754. Email questions to dee.krueger@llcc.edu.

Online classes are noted with an asterisk. Classes are subject to change.

Transfer Pathway

The following are classes designed to transfer to a college or university after high school graduation are offered. These classes meet Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) guidelines.

  • General Biology
  • Composition I and II
  • Public Speaking Fundamentals
  • Principles of Economics I (Microeconomics)
  • U. S. History since 1877
  • Film as Literature
  • Intro to Humanities
  • Statistics
  • Intro to Logic
  • Intro to Psychology
  • Intro to Sociology

Health Care Pathway

  • Certified Nurse Assistant
  • Intro to Human Anatomy I and II
  • Medical Terminology *
  • Intro to Psychology
  • Human Development *
  • Intro to Sociology

Education Pathway

  • Intro to Teacher Education*    
  • Instructional Technology*
  • Students with Disabilities*
  • Diversity of Schools and Society*

Information Technology Skills Pathway

  • Understanding Technology Today*
  • IT Essentials *
  • Computer Applications & Concepts*
  • Help Desk User Support*
  • Operating Systems for Help Desk User Support*
  • Intro to Ethics & IT Security*

Information Technology Transfer Pathway

  • Understanding Technology Today*
  • IT Essentials*
  • Computer Applications & Concepts*
  • Computer Programming Concepts*
  • Public Speaking Fundamentals
  • Intro to Logic
  • Intro to Psychology 
  • General Biology
  • Statistics

Timeline for 2024-2025 school year

  • January/February 2024: Let your high school counselor know of your interest in College Now.
  • March 2024: Watch your high school or provided email for further instructions.
  • March/April 2024: Attend New Student Orientation.
  • July 2024: Tuition is due via payment in full or via payment plan.
  • August 2024: Purchase textbooks.

绿帽社-Taylorville's College Now Program has doubled in size. Seats are limited. If you think you are even possibly interested, please let your high school counselor know. There is no commitment until you register for classes. 

There is no charge for the general admission process at 绿帽社. 绿帽社 is an "open-door" college. All students aged 16 and over, graduates and non-graduates, qualify for admission. In special circumstances, the Vice President for Student Services (or the Vice President鈥檚 designee) in conjunction with the Vice President for Academic Services (or the Vice President鈥檚 designee) may, with mutual agreement of affected faculty, authorize admission to the college and registration into college-level classwork by students who do not meet all admissions criteria. (Board Policy 5.11) New and returning students must complete an admission application.

Accepted high school students should check their provided email address for additional instructions for registration. High school transcripts should be submitted at the end of the sophomore year. Actual class registration will be at the end of the New Student Orientation.

Yes, College Now students must complete a New Student Orientation.

All District 526 residents under age 65 are charged the current per credit hour tuition rate along with fees. Students will also need to purchase textbooks.

绿帽社 accepts cash, check, money order, MasterCard, VISA and Discover. You may choose to pay tuition and fees in one lump sum, or you may set up and interest-free 绿帽社 deferred tuition payment plan.

College Now courses adhere to the 绿帽社 academic calendar. College Now students are required to attend classes although their high school may be closed. College Now classes will not be in session if no other 绿帽社 classes are in session. If 绿帽社-Taylorville cancels classes due to inclement weather, students are not expected to attend 绿帽社 classes. 绿帽社 weather closing announcements are available at www.llcc.edu.

More information


Books can be purchased online and delivered to 绿帽社-Taylorville for no additional cost.

ID/library card

Students can obtain their student ID/Library card at 绿帽社-Taylorville approximately two weeks after the beginning of classes. 绿帽社's library card can be used to order books online through 绿帽社's online book catalog.


绿帽社-Taylorville offers free tutor assistance in many classes. Contact 绿帽社-Taylorville at 217-786-2754 or llcc-taylorville@llcc.edu, or drop by the Student Services Office to arrange your tutoring session.


Many different events are scheduled through-out the year at 绿帽社-Taylorville. Past events have included Lincoln Celebration, Multicultural Fest, blood drives and more!

New Student Orientation

A new student orientation (NSO) will be scheduled for all approved College Now students. The orientation is for students, but one parent or guardian may accompany the student to the College Now NSO. Students will be contacted with dates and times of orientations via email in March.

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