Alumni Relations

Welcome Alumni!

Our mission is to inform, connect and celebrate you 鈥 our alumni and friends of Lincoln Land Community College.

  • Inform 鈥 Staying informed and involved with the college shows your pride in 绿帽社, its programs, athletics and community. Be proud of your alma mater and share your 绿帽社 experience with others!
  • Connect 鈥 Staying connected with the college is a great way to build a bridge between 绿帽社鈥檚 past and future.
  • Celebrate 鈥 By sharing your success stories, we can celebrate your accomplishments. We recognize those successes through Alumni/Foundation and college publications, on our website, social media and through the 绿帽社 Honored Alumni Award.

    Leaving Lincoln Land Community College doesn't have to be the end of what we hope will be a lifelong relationship with 绿帽社. It is free and easy to join. Let's connect!

绿帽社 Alumni Association email newsletters are sent throughout the year. If you are interested in receiving our email newsletter, or if you are registered and are not receiving yours, please send your current email address to