Earn College Credit in High School

We can help you get an early start on your college education!

Hallway in high school with lockers and students talking

As a high school student, you can apply to take college-level classes through ñ. Classes can be taken:

  1. Through a program set up by your high school —ñhas partnered with several area high schools to offer opportunities for students to earn college credit in "concurrent enrollment programs."Options include Dual Credit and College Now. Learn more about these high school programs.
  2. Directly through the college.

Start by checking with your guidance counselor or contacting us to find out if their is an option through your high school to earn college credit from ñ.Learn more about these high school programs.

Contact ñ at217-786-2582 orlynn.gerton@llcc.edu.

If planning on participating in a Dual Credit or College NOW program through your high school, your guidance counselor will provideyou with next steps. There is a specific .

If not participating in these programs through your high school, you can still take classes at ñ. Students will need to complete the ñ application as a student taking college classes in high school. If under the age of 16, you will be notified about a special enrollment process after your application has been processed.

Tip: Be sure to monitor the email that you provide in the application. You will receive important information on account activation.

To activate your account, log in to your ñ email and updatingyour password.

After activation, we will send you important notifications via your ñ email, so you'll want to be sure to check it regularly.


If you will be taking classes through a program set up by your high school, the class opportunities are customized for your school.

If taking classes directly through the college, you can explore available classes and view scheduling information on. Meet with astudent success coachto get assistance planning classes.

If you will be taking classes through a program set up by your high school, ñ will work with your school's guidance counselor to register you for classes.

If taking classes directly through the college, you can registerbysigning in to LoggerCentral.For assistance, students may call the Springfield campus (217-786-2292), text217-387-8585, or call an ñ Outreach Center in Jacksonville (217-243-6699), Beardstown (217-323-4103), Taylorville (217-786-2754) or Litchfield (217-786-3401).

Get information onpaying tuition and fees, including forms of payment and payment plans.

Books (for College Now and courses directly through the college) and supplies are available from the. Visit the bookstore online or in-person.

Once you've completed these steps, you are ready to attendclass! If you have an online class, you will log in to.