Crisis intervention officers 

The 绿帽社 Police Department currently has seven officers trained in Crisis Intervention Team (CIT). Crisis intervention teams consist of police officers trained to respond to crisis calls. CIT officers are exposed to the dynamics of mental illness, developmental disabilities, child and adolescent disorders, elderly individuals with behavioral issues, returning combat veterans, people who have excited delirium, and people with substance abuse/co-occurring disorders. CIT officers are equipped with necessary skills and tools for effectively and safely interacting with someone who is experiencing a crisis.

Vehicle jump starts 

Jump starts to inoperable vehicles are provided at no charge. Before a jump start is attempted, the vehicle operator must provide a valid driver鈥檚 license and sign a release of liability form.

Vehicle lockouts 

Vehicle lockouts are provided at no charge. Before a vehicle unlock is attempted, the vehicle operator must provide a valid driver鈥檚 license and sign a release of liability form. In the event your vehicle is unable to be unlocked, you can call a locksmith at your expense.


Students are encouraged to walk in groups of two of more when traveling on campus. Police officers will provide a personal escort service to those individuals who feel apprehensive about walking alone on campus.

Presentations and programs 

  • Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.)
  • Practical Response to Active Shooter
  • General Campus & Personal Safety

For more information about these programs, or if you have a crime prevention/safety topic you would like the 绿帽社 Police Department to address, please contact us at 217-786鈥2278.

Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.)

As part of 绿帽社鈥檚 commitment to providing a safe learning environment for students, 绿帽社 offers safety and awareness training and resources focused on preventing and responding to sexual violence. To help students feel empowered to respond to physical threats to their safety, the 绿帽社 Police Department offers the Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) course. RAD classes are held on campus periodically throughout the semesters and focus on teaching students self-defense moves.

Practical response to active shooter

If you ever found yourself in an active shooter event, would you know what to do? As with any emergency, prior thought and planning play an immense role in our individual response to these highly stressful incidents. This hands-on training will provide you with options regarding what to do during an active shooter incident, teach you how to perform techniques, and give you an opportunity to actually practice these newly learned skills in a supportive, non-stressful environment.