ALL Bylaws

Revisions approved on May 1, 2019.

Article 鈥 Name

The name of the organization is the Academy of Lifelong Learning (ALL). ALL was established in 1992 under the sponsorship of Lincoln Land Community College (绿帽社) and was chartered in 1993 as an affiliate of the Elderhostel Institute Network. The organization and procedures of ALL set forth below shall be consistent with and subject to the policies of 绿帽社 and the current affiliation agreement with 绿帽社.

Article 鈥 Mission

The mission of ALL is to engage members in planning and implementing activities and programs that will enrich intellectual growth and increase opportunities for lifelong learning. Activities are designed to encourage members to keep their minds active with new and continuing learning interests and experiences and to provide a variety of opportunities for members to develop new friendships and to have enjoyable experiences as they learn.

Article 鈥 Membership

  • Section 1 - Membership is open to all residents of the 绿帽社 district who are 50 years of age and older upon payment of the annual dues as established by the Board.
  • Section 2 - Regional centers of ALL may be established. Activities of any ALL regional center are open to any ALL member.

Article 鈥 Board Of Directors

  • Section 1 - The Board of Directors (Board) is the governing body of ALL. It is responsible for organizational planning and direction, program planning and evaluating, budget approval, and revenue and expense monitoring. It has no legal responsibility for operations. The Board of Trustees of 绿帽社 assumes liability.
  • Section 2 - The Board consists of the five officers and three board members elected at the annual meeting by the ALL membership. New board members will take office effective July 1, the first day of the fiscal year for which they were elected. 绿帽社 will appoint a representative to serve as liaison and ex-officio member of the Board without voting privileges.
  • Section 3 - Board members at large are elected for a two-year term, with terms staggered to provide continuity of leadership. Board Members at large may be reelected for an additional term as a Board member at large. Vacancies occurring for Board members at large are filled by the Executive Committee for the remainder of the term.
  • Section 4 - The Board meets at least four times during the fiscal year (July 1 - June 30). The President or any five Board members may call a special meeting by giving written notice to all board members at least 10 days in advance of the meeting.
  • Section 5 - Meetings of the Board are open to any member of ALL who wishes to attend.
  • Section 6 - At least four Board members present at a scheduled board meeting constitutes a quorum
    for conducting business.

Article 鈥 Officers

  • Section 1 - Officers are President, President-Elect, Immediate Past President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Each serves a one-year term. A President-Elect, Secretary and Treasurer are elected by the ALL membership each year at the Annual Meeting: the serving President automatically assumes the office of Immediate Past President and the serving President-Elect assumes the office of President. If Officer vacancies occur during a term, they will be filled as follows: the officer completing a partial term of President would be the President-Elect; the officer completing partial term of President-Elect would be filled by the Executive Committee. Following their partial term, the President and President-Elect would then complete a full year term. A vacancy for secretary or treasurer would be filled by the Executive Committee. Any officer may be reelected for any office.
  • Section 2 - The President presides at all meetings of the Board, Executive Committee and entire membership. The President is an ex-officio member of all committees, appoints all committee chairs in consultation with the Executive Committee, appoints a historian and may appoint a parliamentarian, and appoints additional committees or liaisons as needed. The president also prepares the agenda for meetings of the Board, Executive Committee, and entire membership.
  • Section 3 - The President-Elect serves in the absence of the President, serves on the Finance Committee, the Nominating Committee, the Learning Council, and performs other duties as assigned by the President.
  • Section 4 鈥 The Immediate Past President serves in the absence of the President and President Elect, serves on the Membership/Marketing Committee, and performs other duties as assigned by the President.
  • Section 5 - The Secretary keeps the minutes of all meetings of the Board, Executive Committee, and the entire membership.
  • Section 6 - The Treasurer serves as finance committee chair, monitors the financial records, presents a budget developed and recommended by the Finance Committee for approval by the Board, makes monthly reports to the Board, and prepares a year end financial statement. The funds of ALL are maintained by 绿帽社 and expended by action of the ALL Board within 绿帽社鈥檚 guidelines. The treasurer is responsible for ensuring that an amount equal to one-half of the previous year's actual expenses is determined at the start of each fiscal year and reported during that year as 'designated for future operations', to ensure ALL's ongoing financial viability. Usage of these funds for current operations would be permitted only for 'emergencies' (e.g., significantly decreased income and/or increased expenses or unanticipated one-time needs), with specific Board approval.
  • Section 7 - The Executive committee shall consist of the five officers. 绿帽社 will appoint a representative to serve as liaison and ex-officio member of the Board and the Executive Committee without voting privileges. The Executive Committee will meet with the President as Chair when such  meeting is called by the President or by at least three members of the Executive Committee.

Article 鈥 Membership meetings

  • Section 1 - At least one meeting of the entire membership, called the annual meeting, shall be held near the end of each fiscal year, at which time officers and board members for the next fiscal year are elected. Other meetings of the entire membership may be called by the President, by the Board, or at the written request of 25 members. Members must be present to vote at any meeting.
  • Section 2 - Reports from officers, committee chairs and the 绿帽社 liaison are presented at the annual meeting.

Article 鈥 Standing committees

  • Section 1 - The Executive Committee consists of the five elected officers. It acts for the Board between meetings as needed.
  • Section 2 - The Finance Committee consists of the President, President-Elect, and Treasurer, plus two additional members from the membership at large, one appointed by the president and one appointed by the treasurer. It is chaired by the Treasurer and guides the development of the budget and provides general oversight to financial activities of ALL.
  • Section 3 - The Nominating Committee consists of the President-Elect as Chairperson and at least four members appointed by the President-Elect. The committee nominates a slate of candidates for officers and vacancies on the Board. It reports the slate to the Board. The membership is notified of the nominations at least 20 days before the annual meeting.
  • Section 4- The Membership/Marketing Committee shall consist of the Immediate Past President and at least four additional members. The President appoints the chair. The Committee chair appoints the other members. The committee guides the recruitment and retention of members and the marketing plan for the Academy.
  • Section 5 - The Learning Council consists of the current year鈥檚 chairs/co-chairs of each ALL program and special interest group, current ALL President-Elect, and 绿帽社 liaison. The president appoints the chair. The council fosters communication among members and exchange of information on individual programs and activities. It makes recommendations to the board as appropriate.
  • Section 6 - The Bylaws Committee consists of a chair and at least two other members. The president appoints the Chair and the Chair appoints the other members. The committee reviews proposals for change to the Bylaws as may be submitted by the Board, other committees or by the Bylaws Committee itself. Committee recommendations are presented to the Board for its review and subsequent action.

Article 鈥 Amendments

  • Section 1 - Notification of any proposed changes to the bylaws shall be sent by the Board to all members in writing at least 20 days prior to the annual meeting.
  • Section 2 - The bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of those members present and voting at the annual meeting. Ten percent of the membership present constitutes a quorum for this purpose.

Article 鈥 Conduct of meetings

Roberts Rules of Order, newly revised, governs the conduct of all meetings.

  • Approved by ALL members June 15, 2004
  • Amended June 9, 2009
  • Amended April 28, 2011
  • Amended April 26, 2012
  • Amended April 30, 2015
  • Approved by ALL members April 23, 2016
  • Approved May 25, 2017
  • Approved May 1, 2019